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Länsstyrelsen Halmstad-logo. Arvsfonden-logo. preload image. Länkar. [BHS logo] Den internationella organisationen för barbershop heter Barbershop Harmony Society. Tidigare kallade de sig "SPEBSQSA" ("The Society  Fotografiet Barbershop Logo with barber pole in vintage style av zfmbek. Totalpris: 249 kr.

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In late 2004, the Society established Barbershop Harmony Society as its new "brand name", with a logo and identity program released in 2005. 101 rows In reference to the acronym SPEBSQSA, The Society has said "attempts to pronounce the name are discouraged". Unofficially, it is sometimes pronounced as if it were spelled "Spebsqua".

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Spebsqsa logo

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Spebsqsa logo

This movement's success paralleled that of the men's, and at the first national convention, held in 1947 in Tulsa, quartets competed and members established a national organization. In late 2004, the Society established Barbershop Harmony Society as its new "brand name", with a logo and identity program released in 2005. Although the legal name remained SPEBSQSA, Inc., the decision was controversial, as many members felt that the new name did not reflect a mission of preservation and encouragement of the style. Welcome!
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Text is available under the Creative Commons This page lists the Barbershop Harmony Society's international quartet champions by the year in which they won. Quartets can only win once, though up to two members may appear together in another quartet and compete again. In this manner individual singers may win multiple gold medals. Twenty men have won two or more gold medals.

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